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Written by Ric Albano Song Length: 4:19
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So what’s the point of quiet charity if it won’t get you the gig?
They don’t forgive irregularities just because your heart is big
And why leave home with an atlas stone when a flask of pebbles might do?
This quite excessive sense of diligence
Offends my reasoned confidence in you

I do my best to view the world from deep behind these eyes
I draw my energy from sources not simply surmised

But what’s the point of simple clarity in such a complex universe?
Should we not strive towards more parity,
By ripping out the contents of your purse?

I steer my ship by ancient stars and hold the wind with poise
I grasp at every passing wave in a quest to find pure joys

Believe, believe
Believe, believe

So what’s the point of quiet charity if you don’t bag some esteem?
Complied reduction of this narrowly sliced time just seems obscene
And who would roam with an atlas stone…
When there are so many sights to see?
What’s the point of true contention,
When the scientific evidence has been decreed?

I beat my path with head held high and wisdom at my heels
I don’t pretend to know that this is how we all should feel

Believe, believe
Believe, believe

In a pinch and you’re on the run, will ye come undone?
If it’s a cinch just to follow the sun,
Why then fear of this unusual one?

Composition © 2006 Ric Albano
Publication © 2007, 2009, 2011 Cygnus Wave Music

Song Info
Composed on September 12, 2006
Recorded starting on September 14, 2006
at Cygnus Wave Studios
Produced by Ric Albano
Engineered by Ric Albano
Mixed and Mastered in 2007
at Cygnus Wave Studios
Original Release: December 27, 2007
on Imaginary Lines II

Ric Albano
Piano, Lead Vocals
Ron Simasek
Janet Rains
Backing Vocals

Listener Guide

Analysis: One of the few songs from Imaginary Lines II which were preserved in original form, “Believe” is a lyrical debate on God, with the simple, sparse musical arrangement of just paino and top-end drums.

Song Trivia
The song was recorded just two days after it was composed and it is the only recording on Imaginary Lines 33 from 2006.

Animal Society live version of “Believe”

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