Princess of Pearl Avenue

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Written by Ric Albano Song Length: 4:22
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Just to see you dance ignites a fire deep inside my heart
The essence of true romance that perseveres even when we’re apart
So why not just take a chance, remove constraints that inhibit this start
Please let me see you dance, I’m well aware of the difficult circumstance
Just can’t compare any other woman with you
Princess of Pearl Avenue, Princess of Pearl Avenue

Just to hear you sing that sweet song will be worth the wait
The prospect of this happening
Must soon begin to unfold towards this fate
We’ve just begun to progress, would be now rash to evacuate
Away from the song you’ll sing or towards excessive worrying
About the risk that this faculty does come true
Princess of Pearl Avenue, Princess of Pearl Avenue

I know that I’ve made my bed, spent way too much time inside my own head
But now I feel that the base has been bore
The eagle will leave this floor and will soar like never before

It’s all in your control, my wish on you bestow, enchanted glow
No tragic Vince Van Gogh nor tragic Edgar Poe, just cool old flow
We surely took it slow is it not time to go on with the show?
No? No. No! I’m not gonna let it go

Just to feel you rock shoots white lightning all through my veins
Every time I hear you knock,
It’s as if nothing in life is yet mundane
But after an ocean of talk,
Is it not time to finally get into the game?
Just to see you rocked is jubilation of the highest stock
Imagination can hold nothing against the real you
Princess of Pearl Avenue, Princess of Pearl Avenue

Composition © 2006 Ric Albano
Publication © 2009, 2011 Cygnus Wave Music

Song Info
Composed on June 7, 2006
Recorded starting on April 13, 2007
at Saturation Acres, Danville, PA
Produced by Ric Albano
Engineered by Bret Alexander
Mixed and Mastered in 2009
at Cygnus Wave Studios
Original Release: September 9, 2009
on Imaginary Lines 33

Ric Albano
Piano, Keyboards, Bass Guitar, Vocals
Erik Trabert
Ron Simasek

Listener Guide

Analysis: A fun and upbeat rocker sliced in half by a slower and more methodical mid section, with a few issues with overdubs and timings.

Song Trivia
This song originated as a frivolous tune entitled “Things” when it was created in 2006.

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