The Cup

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Written by Ric Albano Song Length: 4:18
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Take this cup away from me
I have been blinded by what I cannot see
Can no longer recall whether I’ve breached the door
Can no longer predict if I’ll reach safe shores
Or was this just a one-time score?

I burned my heart on a much bigger stove
Got myself lost in the sea which I’d dove
But I still dance to tunes that only I hear
And I still flee from ghosts that only I fear
You’ve done your share of harm through the years

For when I was thirsty, you offered me salt
And when I sought refuge, you sealed up the vault
And when I asked questions, you spat out clich├ęs
You bumbled the objectives then you bailed from the malaise

And now that you are exposed
You beg of me, may I finally understand?
That when you were weeping, I made a nice scapegoat
While chasms were deepening, you dug a deeper mote
And when you made statements they dissolved within a day
Save that solemn refusal to take this cup away

Take this cup away, take this cup away
Take this cup, away, away

Composition © 2006 Ric Albano
Publication © 2007, 2009, 2011 Cygnus Wave Music

Song Info
Composed on March 2, 2006
Recorded starting on April 13, 2007
at Saturation Acres, Danville, PA
Produced by Ric Albano
Engineered by Bret Alexander
Mixed and Mastered in 2009
at Cygnus Wave Studios
Original Release: December 27, 2007
on Imaginary Lines II
This Release: September 9, 2009
on Imaginary Lines 33

Ric Albano
Piano, Keyboards, Bass, Vocals
Ron Simasek

Listener Guide

Analysis: Perhaps the most regrettable song in the Imaginary Lines collection, this has several fine individual parts but never quite meshes as a cohesive “whole”.

Song Trivia
The title of this song was derived from line in “Gethsemane” in the rock opera Jesus Christ Superstar.

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