Gnarled Visions / Say No More

Track 3 & Track 4 On  Animal Society I  By  Animal Society

“Gnarled Visions” Written by Erik Trabert
“Say No More” Written by Ric Albano & Animal Society
Combined Length: 5:00
Listen to the Song:
“Gnarled Visions”

Composition © 2010 Erik Trabert
Publication © 2010 Cygnus Wave Music

“Say No More” Lyrics

Lorna was a Tory who only moved from left to right
In constant semi-circles
So her head would not get light
She would never bake the bread
Nor would she ever make the bed
But she’d forge the cocaine cookies
From a script inside her head
She’d sweep the floor then fill the drawers, say no more

Trenton was a communist
From some town way down south
Who never fought for nothing
But he sure did have a mouth
And he was never in the loop
Because he never told the truth
And he’d snark the cocaine cookies
With a thirteen-inch-wide scoop
He’d check the score, consume the roar
And say no more

They hooked up on a Sunday in late April / early May
Bound by common passions and a dog they found astray
And an everlasting thirst
For forever-blasting bursts
From the sublime cocaine cookies
That soon drained their modest purse
They’d kiss the floor to thwart the gore
Say no more

How we both got here this morning
We must never speak a word
For the trust to stay unbroken
Nothing spoken, nothing heard
And we will never go again
To where we never should have been
Let us crush the cocaine cookies
And depart before we’re seen

Pray to Thor that we say no more about our rash decisions
Accept the bane of fortunes waned due to gnarled visions

Composition © 2009 Ric Albano & Animal Society
Publication © 2010 Cygnus Wave Music

“Gnarled Visions” Song Info
Produced & Engineered by Ric Albano
Composed April 2010
Recorded April 2010
at Cygnus Wave Studios
Mixed & Mastered in 2010
at Cygnus Wave Studios

“Say No More” Song Info
Produced by Ric Albano
Engineered by Bret Alexander
Composed June 2009
Recorded March 20, 2010
at Saturation Acres, DuPont, PA
Mixed & Mastered in 2010
at Cygnus Wave Studios

Ric Albano
Bass Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals
Erik Trabert
Electric Guitars, Synths
Matt Roy

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