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Cygnus Wave was founded by producer and songwriter Ric Albano, in conjunction with the release of the album Imaginary Lines I on October 10, 2005. It is based in the Harrisburg, PA area and owned and operated by 33 Dimensions LLC The company’s oriiginal mission included plans for expansion into areas such as musical publication and A&R for local (Pennsylvania) artists. However, it was eventually decided to limit the scope of Cygnus Wave to that of an independent record company while maintaining support for some non-profit organizations.

Cygnus Wave Original LogoThe legendary Canadian rock band Rush inspired the unique name of this organization, as it was derived from that band’s epic “Cygnus X-1” along with their album Permanent Waves. It literally translates to “disturbed swan” and this image inspired our original logo (2005-2011), which appears on the original pressings of our earliest releases. A whole new design, color scheme, and logo was implemented in 2011 by 33 Dimensions during a comprehensive re-design of the website.


Non Profit and Charity

From its inception in 2005, Cygnus Wave has supported non-profit organizations by offering free online space and development and maintenance through 33 Dimensions. Currently there are two benefit organizations which we support.

Sound Off for VetsSound Off for Vets (Vets.CygnusWave.com) is a fundraiser for the Wounded Warrior Project, an organization that assists returning military service member re-integrate with their loved ones and overcome their disabilities resulting from a wartime injury. Sound Off features free concerts put on by talented musicians and bands, along with raffle prizes donated by businesses, with all proceeds benefiting the cause.

Dollars for DianeDollars for Diane (DollarsForDiane.CygnusWave.com) was founded to assist a 30-year-old woman who suffered a traumatic brain injury in 2007. Three benefit events were held between October 2007 and January 2010, with proceeds from the earlier events going to assist in Diane’s mounting medical bills and proceeds form the third event “Dollars for Diane 33”, going towards brain injury research.

Cygnus Wave Albums

To date, there have been seven releases on the Cygnus Wave label by four distinct artists and a various artists collection. The earliest two of these releases (Imaginary Lines I and Imaginary Lines II) are out of print, as the material of these albums was later rolled into the triple-length Imaginary Lines 33. However, all of the released material is present on this site (see the songs page) as well as much bonus material by the Cygnus Wave artists.

Material Submission

If you are an artist and feel Cygnus Wave would be a good fit as a label, you may submit some demo material for review. Send an audio CD along with a one-sheet which includes the artist name, members and corresponding instrumentation, songwriting credits, important dates, a brief history of the artist(s), and future goals to:

Cygnus Wave Music
P.O. Box 126
Highspire, PA 17034

If you prefer, you may also submit a digital version of your album and press kit through the River of Rock network by emailing: ric@modernrockreview.com


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