Since 2005, Cygnus Wave has published over 150 songs by our artists, most of which are available on this website. Each song can be heard in its entirety on a custom page which includes all the pertinent information, including lyrics.

Sinclair Soul Songs

All Sinclair Soul Songs (33 Album Tracks)

Imaginary Lines Songs

All Imaginary Lines Songs (33 Album Tracks, 10 Bonus Tracks)

Imaginary Lines Suggested Listening
Good Friday (2002)
33 Flames for Mary (2003)
Lorelei (2004)
Tommy’s Got a Gun (2005)
She Said (2006)
33 Shots at Louis (2006)
Long Way Home (Original) (2007)
Sister Josephine (2008)
Rubicon (2009)

Hormoans Songs

Songs from Not One of You (13 Album Tracks)

Animal Society Songs

All Animal Society Songs (10 Album Tracks, 9 Bonus Tracks)

Wahray and Soul Songs

All Wahray and Soul Songs (72 Album Tracks, 5 Bonus Tracks)

Wahray and Soul Suggested Listening
Someday (1988)
Blue Flowers & Beige Towers (1989)
The Telephone (1989)
I Need Her Bad (1989)
It’s Hip to Live In Disgrace (1990)
When It All Falls Down (1990)
Everything I Forgot (1991)
Run (1992)
The Difference Between (1995)
The French Toast Affair (1995)

Various Artists

Finished, Finé, Done by Hannah Bingman
Song For Diane by P.J. Heckman

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