Sinclair Soul Songs

   Song Length Album
 33 Flames for Mary  5:57 Reflections of Relevance
 And They Do All Still Exist  3:47 The Good Guys
 Anthem  4:42 Reflections of Relevance
 Believe  4:19 The Journey
 Better Days, Better Ways/td>

 2:59 The Good Guys
 Can’t Get My Mojo Risin’  2:14 Nine Fine Lines
 Come Home Now  4:50 Reflections of Relevance
 Delicately Dancing the Dogwhistle Diddy  5:45 Reflections of Relevance
 Found Love  3:24 The Journey
 Good Friday  7:50 The Journey
 The Good Guys  4:29 The Good Guys
   Song Length Album
 Here On the Beach  3:01 Nine Fine Lines
 It’s Only Love  3:59 The Good Guys
 The Last Day of February  5:35 The Journey
 Last Man to Walk Alone  3:47 Reflections of Relevance
 Long Way Home  6:17 The Journey
 Lorelei  6:27 Nine Fine Lines
 Louis Le Geant  3:04 Nine Fine Lines
 The Memory Hole  4:36 Reflections of Relevance
 One Reflective Fool  8:59 Reflections of Relevance
 Only Time Will Tell  3:09 The Good Guys
 Perfect Light  5:26 Nine Fine Lines
   Song Length Album
 The Pennsylvania Poet  6:24 The Good Guys
 The Phoenix  5:12 Nine Fine Lines
 Remember  3:20 The Good Guys
 A River and a Soul  4:52 The Good Guys
 Roaring 20s  3:16 The Good Guys
 San Anton  4:42 The Journey
 She Said  3:07 Nine Fine Lines
 Tommy’s Got a Gun  3:11 Nine Fine Lines
 Truth  6:07 The Good Guys
 Try Again  2:33 The Journey
 You Sure Were Fun  4:16 Nine Fine Lines


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