Animal Society I

Animal Society (Debut Album)Completed on December 10, 2010

These recordings of original songs were made at Saturation Acres and Cygnus Wave studios in 2010. The original intent was to release an album called Any Atomic Lies in late 2010, but disagreements ensued and the project was halted before publication.

Below are the mixes of the Animal Society songs as they were in December 2010, presented as an eponymous “album”.

Track   Composer(s)  Length
 1.   California     Ric Albano, Erik Trabert, Matt Roy  5:32
 2.   Vieux Carre Ric Albano  2:43
 3.   Gnarled Visions Erik Trabet  1:12*
 4.   Say No More Ric Albano, Animal Society  3:48*
 5.   Emily In Her Day Ric Albano, Animal Society  7:10
 6.   Sol’s Lament Erik Trabert  0:50
 7.   Love, Crime, & Paradigm Ric Albano, Erik Trabert, Matt Roy  5:04
 8.   The Lion Ric Albano  5:21
 9.   Matt’s Hatt Matt Roy, Erik Trabert, Ric Albano  3:09
10.   Change You Can Believe In Matt Roy, Animal Society  4:50

  * The songs “Gnarled Visions” and “Say No More” are combined as one digital track with a length of 5:00 even.

Produced by Ric Albano
Engineered by Bret Alexander and Ric Albano


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