Love, Crime, & Paradigm

Track 7  On  Animal Society I  By  Animal Society

Written by Ric Albano, Erik Trabert, & Matt Roy Song Length: 5:04
Listen to the Song:

Please forgive my hastiness in my pursuit of happiness
And need to find a show to steal
For I have got just 90 days until I slip in a deep malaise
And be another soul to heal

I wade through these streets of apathy
Corroding my belief that the best things in life are free
Need to observe from some parallel track
And revise my plan of attack to get back, to get back

Had a vision of Jane Norma-Jean
She looked the same as when we were nineteen
Long before we fell out of style
Now she’s trapped out there on her own
In what was once her beloved dream home
On the shady side of the Nile

Beating down the paths of the golden days
Overgrown and broken, oh Lord let it be just a faze
Remodeling chariots of chrome
On a new road leading to Rome, a way home, a way home

Driving through the city of broken hearts
Dampened are those passions that once shot off the charts
Saturated by three decades of the gloom
Beyond the suburbs of Katmandu
Into the room, into the room

Seven doorways, the seven shore ways of Aolias
What is the crime, man?
We are doing fine, man in Aolias

Composition © 2009 Animal Society
Publication © 2010 Cygnus Wave Music

Song Info
Produced by Ric Albano
Engineered by Bret Alexander
Composed October 2009
Recorded March 20, 2010
at Saturation Acres, DuPont, PA
Mixed & Mastered in 2010
at Cygnus Wave Studios

Ric Albano
Bass Guitar, Keyboards, Electronic Effects, Vocals
Erik Trabert
Electric Guitars
Matt Roy

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