Track 24  On  The Evolution of Noise  By  Wahray and Soul

Written by Ric Albano Song Length: 2:13
Listen to the Song:
Pressure building high today
You’ve got to shape up if you want to stay
And one more thing, by the way
You’ve got to be perfect if you want to stay

We’ve seen alot of your kind
We may be old but we’re sure not blind
We reallt don’t care if you are in a bind
We just don’t want you wasting our time

And when you find that one big break
After taking all that you can take
We’ll burn you down at the stake
We’ll count our profits while we watch you bake

And when we see you’re not yet dead
We’ll plant more junk in your head
We’ll beat you until we see blood red
We’ll make sure that you’re dead

Pressure building high today
I’ve got to shape up if I want to stay
And one more thing, by the way
Fuck you asshole, I’m leaving today

Composition © 1990 Ric Albano
Publication © 2011 Cygnus Wave Music

Song Info
Produced & Engineered by Ric Albano
Composed on December 5, 1990
Recorded December 1990
at Rathole Studios, Hazleton, PA
Mixed in 2003 & Mastered in 2011
at Cygnus Wave Studios

Ric Albano
Acoustic Guitar, Bass Guitar, Harmonica, Drums, Vocals

Listener Guide

Analysis: This is a nice little revenge song, written shortly after leaving a bad job. The song contains vulgarities (even after some were edited out of the final mix) and, perhaps, the best harmonica playing I’ve ever done.

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