Bonus Track By  Wahray and Soul

Written by Ric Albano Song Length: 1:45
Listen to the Song:
Never before has a year brought me so much joy and pain
And laughter and shame
Never before has a year been so cruel yet so kind
So enlightened, so blind

But I’m not complaining
No, I’m just refraining on what has come to be
It’s just a shame that I have to depart
With such a bittersweet taste in me

Never before has the time swept by so quickly
Yet drug on so slowly
I’ll try to explain it next

Composition © 1990 Ric Albano
Publication © 2011 Cygnus Wave Music

Song Info
Produced & Engineered by Ric Albano
Composed on December 12, 1990
Recorded December 1990
at Rathole Studios, Hazleton, PA
Mixed in 2003 & Mastered in 2011
at Cygnus Wave Studios

Ric Albano
12-string Acoustic Guitars, Vocals

Listener Guide

Analysis: A short, intro song written about the year 1990, which contains some backwards-masked 12-string chrords, strummed in reverse to match the finger-picked melody line.

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