Hormoans Not One of You

Not One of You by HormoansIn December 1981, the new wave band Hormoans recorded a few dozen tracks made up of their original compositions along with original “translations” of some standard material. The recordings were made at Future Sound Studios in Harrisburg, PA with all the songs recorded “live” by the band and mixed down to Stereo Digital Audio Tape. Unfortunately, the band broke up soon thereafter and these recordings remained “lost” for over a quarter century.

Finally in 2008, these recordings were remastered and produced to form the Cygnus Wave album Not One of You. The album includes 12 songs from the Future Sound session along with a live recording of “Stürmish Ding”, a German-language version of The Troggs’ “Wild Thing” recorded live in 1982.

Track   Composer(s)  Length
 1.   Sanity Squad     Tim Pelton  1:57
 2.   Coming War Paul Smith, Hormoans  5:25
 3.   Boys Don’t Cry Michael Dempsey, Robert Smith, Lol Tolhurst  2:35
 4.   Quick Joey Small Joey Levine, Arthur Resnick  1:54
 5.   Fantasy Tonight Paul Smith, Steve “Gibby” Womback, Hormoans  3:18
 6.   Lonely Dialer Mark McCormick  4:01
 7.   Red Rubber Ball Paul Smith, Bruce Woodley  3:21
 8.   Damaged Goods Dave Allen, Hugo Burnham, Andy Gill, Jon King  3:04
 9.   Blockhead Bob Mothersbaugh, Mark Mothersbaugh  2:39
10.   Stürmish Ding Chip Taylor, Jim Hammond, Hormoans  3:37
11.   Amazon     Tim Pelton  3:35
12.   California Dreamin’ John Phillips, Michelle Phillips  2:24
13.   Not One of You Paul Smith, Hormoans  4:11
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