Get Together

Track 15  On  The Evolution of Noise  By  Wahray and Soul

Written by Ric Albano Song Length: 3:46
Listen to the Song:
These days it is not healthy to feel this way
But the cards are on the table and I have to play
It’s the spirit they enjoyed twenty years ago, I know

If we all get together we can have some fun
If we all get together we’ll bring out the sun
If we all get together we’ll show the world how we’ve done our show

These days it is not wise to let your hair grow long
And noone wants to hear some simple, bluesey song
I really find things these days to be quite a bore

If we all get together we can make our run
If we all get together we can stop the guns
If we all get together we’ll put an end to the war

I’d like to go to Woodstock on some time-warp train
With a half a million pople I’d stand out in the rain
And noone really noticed discomfort or pain at all
It’s groovy when the people can express what they think
Because a chain is only as strong as its weakest link
Let’s all get together and we’ll all be standing tall

But these days are in existance and those are gone
So we’ll have to bear with the boring life of Tron
Someday we’ll come of age and again we’ll move on, I know

If we all get together we’ll complete the task
If we all get together we’ll rip off the mask
If we all get together we’ll break off our cast and grow

Composition © 1989 Ric Albano
Publication © 2011 Cygnus Wave Music

Song Info
Produced & Engineered by Ric Albano
Composed on August 20, 1989
Recorded August 1989
at Rathole Studios, Hazleton, PA
Mixed in 2003 & Mastered in 2011
at Cygnus Wave Studios

Ric Albano
12-string Acoustic Guitars, Electric Guitars, Vocals

Listener Guide

Analysis: This is a true hippie song that I wrote after visiting the site of Woodstock on its 20th anniversary. The music cnsists of a 12-string acoustic and a freaked-out, chorus-driven electric, which fell in perfectly withthe theme. The lyrics are quite Utopian and naive and the spirit behind the song was “why is there no celebration on its anniversary?” Little did I know that there would be cncerts honoring the 25th and 30th anniversaries in the next five and ten years.

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