The Telephone

Track 16  On  The Evolution of Noise  By  Wahray and Soul

Written by Ric Albano Song Length: 3:16
Listen to the Song:
You say live is treating you unfairly
If you only knew how much more you possess than me
I shouldn’t try to burden you or use you to complain
But this is the only thing that saves me from insane
Shit, if you only knew how much I am in love with you
But that is an untold story, I won’t get to that yet

Yes, I’m just trying to get through
On the telephone of “I love you”

Somewhere in an ancient cave a magic, tiny door lit
A witch has cast her on me, yet I cannot afford it
Shit, if you only knew how much I have gone through for you
But that is an untold story, I can’t get to that yet

Just trying to get a line
On the telephone of “make you mine”

Once is hard, but twice ain’t nice
I might understand it once but twice is two too many times
The stronger in my ways, the shorter to my happy days

Just trying to make a call
On the telephone of “I won’t fall”

Composition © 1989 Ric Albano
Publication © 2011 Cygnus Wave Music

Song Info
Produced & Engineered by Ric Albano
Composed on October 11, 1989
Recorded October 1989
at Rathole Studios, Hazleton, PA
Mixed in 2003 & Mastered in 2011
at Cygnus Wave Studios

Ric Albano
Electric Guitars, Bass Guitar, Drums, Vocals

Listener Guide

Analysis: A very catchy bass riff, which would be reused 20 years later on a different project, backs this song. The recording is sharp with good sounding drums and wild guitar effects, making it one of the best of the era.

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