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Imaginary Lines 33Three years ago today, on 09/09/09, we released our biggest release with Imaginary Lines 33. This is a quasi-compilation album, which takes the previously-released Imaginary Lines I (2005) and Imaginary Lines II (2007) and folds them into this massive collection along with 12 brand new songs to form this 33-track, 2 ½ hour odyssey of all original music by Pennsylvania songwriter and producer Ric Albano.

The songs are an eclectic mix of thoughtful and philosophical lyrics combined with unique yet melodic music that, while experimental, remains accessible enough to draw in the passive listener.

It then gets better and better with each successive listen.

Although pressed onto two CDs, the project is actually divided into three distinctive sections. Starting on Disc One, the initial eight songs are actually the newest and most recently produced songs. These are very diverse in style and genre and range from some very pop-oriented to some very unique, such as the collection’s only instrumental; “Rubicon”. The remaining nine songs on this disc comprise the whole of Imaginary Lines I, in near-exact form as it appeared in 2005. This second part of the collection contains the deepest and most richly-produced songs from the inception of the project and Ric Albano wanted to remain as true to their original spirit and technique as possible.

The whole of disc two contains the third and final section of this project, a newly enhanced version of Imaginary Lines II. Upon its original release in 2007, only twelve of these tracks were completed and all were in simple form (by design, to contrast the rich production of IL I). Never quite satisfied with this approach, Ric Albano revisited these songs to add the proper “finish” as well as complete those that were left off. The result is an amazing journey that has the listener humming the hooks and tapping the beats “all the way home”.


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