Coming War

Track 02  On  Not One of You  By  Hormoans

Written by Paul Smith & Hormoans Song Length: 5:25
Listen to the Song:
Go to town, see a movie, read a book, play guitar
Meet a friend, watch some TV, talk about the coming war
China no, Russia maybe, you never know the real score
The Middle East is on the Late News with theories of the coming war

Here I am, alone and freezing, waiting for you becomes a bore
I’m a thug, and you’re a villain, we all plan the coming war
The war is near, the war is over, the war is all I want to hear
The war is here, it’s escalating
And chaos is common as apples with cores

Go to town, see a movie, read a book, play guitar
Get a job, make some money, eat some food and buy a car
Meet a friend, watch some TV, kill some time and wait some more
Sit alone or with your lover and think about the coming war

The coming war, the coming war, the coming war

Composition © 1981 Paul Smith & Hormoans
Publication © 2008, 2012 Hormoans & Cygnus Wave Music

Song Info
Produced by Jim Hammond & Ric Albano
Engineered by Georg McLaughlin
Recorded December 1981
at Future Sound Studios, Harrisburg, PA
Mixed in 2003 & Mastered in 2008
at Cygnus Wave Studios

“Jimmy Slash” Hammond -Lead Vocals
PRJ Smith – Guitars
Tim Pelton – Keyboards, Effects
Mark McCormick – Bass
Dave Givens – Drums

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